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Will they see your products on display?

The Nine-Second Count-Down

At your next craft fair, look at the people passing your display. You have about 9 seconds to command their attention. If they are not drawn to your display, they will walk right by and you have lost the opportunity to show them your products.

You want them to SEE what you have for sale. Hanging a personalized poster on your display will let your customers see what you are doing in your home studio. They can see on your poster, larger than life, the quality of your product.

Put your jury photo into a Heritage Makers poster or take photos, right in your workshop while you are creating your product, and put them on several posters in your display space. Watch heads turn and see the interest these posters generate at your next event. Add your website, phone number and company name and hang one in local shops. These posters are an affordable way to communicate with potential customers.

Sometimes a single photograph says it all. Market your products using posters: (12.5” x 18.5” for only $14.95 or 18” x 24” for $24.95). Choose from portrait or landscape layout options and they will be printed on high quality 100# glossy paper. Create these posters yourself from my website, www.makephotobookonline.com, or I can help you.

Brag Books make great catalogs: We have these available online, too. Instead of working with family photos, this can be your catalog of higher-end unique items. When you have sold your last product of that type from your display, rely on this hardbound professional layout of product photos to generate orders. It’s available in 5”x5” size or a 12”x12” designer book.

Customizable layouts are printed on high quality glossy paper and stitched and library bound. Add your prices to the photos and it can be your personal hardbound catalog, or set up a separate price sheet to maintain flexibility as the costs of your supplies change. “One picture is worth a thousand words” – truly.

Get started with your own personal publishing account in one of two ways: First you can purchase a poster or brag book publishing credit by calling me on the phone. Purchasing your first POSTER or BRAG BOOK credit automatically creates your online publishing account, plus waives the account set-up fee. Second, you can visit my website and purchase your account there for a one-time $19.95 fee.

1) Once your publishing account has been set up you can create your first Heritage Makers project.  First, determine what product you want to publish.

2) Store your photo or photos.  Just upload your digital photos to your publishing account. Plug in your digital camera or scan your photos and save them to your computer. Then create a photo album to store and organize all your photos for use later on as you build your various projects. Your publishing account allows you an unlimited number of photo albums to store, sort, and archive your photographs. Best of all, I can help if you feel uncertain about creating digital images or uploading them.


Free 7 Day Trial to Craft Show Yellow Pages or Craftmaster News!

3) Select your style and size.  Will you create a poster or a product catalog? (Online it is called a brag book.) Choose from a variety of templates and layout options. It’s easy to get started.

4) Customize your project.  Choose a title, decide which font to use, and choose a border. I can help and walk you through this section or you can simply play with your options.

5) Customize your images. Your photo will automatically be placed within your project at proper size and shape. You can use the photo editor tool to turn your photos to black and white, sepia for a vintage look or add a border, shadow, or remove red eye on your portrait.

6) Preview your project. When your poster or catalog of products is finished you can preview a printable version. Simply click preview page to open a PDF preview using Adobe Acrobat Reader. After previewing, you are ready to place your order. Use your credit purchased previously from me when you first set up your Heritage Makers account.

Other products are available to help your business grow. The object is to have a product that can be used time and again and not break down. It’s a beautiful way for your customers to SEE your product in full color, and the care and quality you put into your work.

Monthly Specials: Always check with me before you place an order because most of the time we have a special offer running during the month. These offers include monthly specials for clients and volume discounts.

I’ll be glad to help you upload photos, choose fonts, or help with advice on your project.  Call and leave a message with the best time to return your call, and we can work on your next project together.

Suzanne Uthe


Suzanne Uthe is a skilled graphic designer and marketing coordinator working for a boat manufacturer.

As a wedding photographer and oil painter who was attracted to Heritage Makers’ products to market her own photographs and paintings. She became a consultant helping artists and crafters promote their work using the same tools.

Suzanne is married and raising a family. Although her days are lively and full, she looks forward to helping you with a marketing project through her website, www.makephotobookonline.com,

Call her anytime (573) 745-0074 or email her at









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Sell your arts and crafts at Fairs & Festivals. Find out where the shows are and start selling at local, state and nationwide events. Sell at farmers markets, sell your art at street fairs, sell food at festivals, sell clothing at craft shows, sell jewelry at street fairs and more.

We list all events Nationwide! We include detail verified information for each event! This is the best source for event information and is ideal for vendors looking to sell their products or services whether you are selling food, promotional items, clothing, antiques, jewelry or any items ranging from hand made to buy and sell.

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Art & Craft Show Yellow Pages is a regional show guide for craftsmen artists, food vendors and resellers in Alabama, Arkansas, Connecticut, Washington DC, Delaware, Florida, Georgia, Iowa, Illinois, Indiana, Kentucky, Louisiana, Massachusetts, Maryland, Maine, Michigan, Minnesota, Missouri, Mississippi, North Carolina, New Hampshire, New Jersey, New York, Ohio, Pennsylvania, Rhode Island, South Carolina, Tennessee, Virginia, Vermont, Wisconsin and  West Virginia !

Art & craft show listings contain in-depth details and information to help you choose the right shows to sell your arts and crafts, promotional items, food vending, trade or wholesale.

All shows are not equal.
Choose your shows by targeting your customer.  Will your customer be there?   We even publish information such as: 3 stages of live music, pony rides, Antique and Classic Car Shows,. . . -  more!

Real show listings with detail descriptions like, event attendance, cost of booth, size of booth, what you can sell at each event or signup deadlines to event. Choose from detailed listings according to your preferences; we let you know if a show is indoors, outdoors, in tents, or in a mall.  We even publish eligibility requirements, - so you will know if a show is an 'Open Show' a 'Juried Show' or trade or wholesale shows.  If a show is predominantly Contemporary,   Traditional, or Country , we print that information too, to help you find the right venues to sell your work.

ART and CRAFT SHOW YELLOW PAGES is the most important tool in your business kit!  Subscribe with confidence!  We guarantee it will help you with your business, or we'll refund the balance of your subscription!

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See:  www.craftshowlist.com  www.craftsfairguide.com, www.craftmasternews.com, www.artsCraftsShowBusiness.com, http://www.1nbcard.com/artisan.html


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